Bring the next art gallery experience to your hotel


Unlimited access to fine art

Enhance your space by bringing the curation and selective quality of an art gallery to your walls. Our art is exclusively selected by our team of curators. Through your dedicated interface, select the photos you want to display to adapt to any event, season or clientele.

Stay connected with your guests

Use an innovative art installation that creates interactions between your artwork and your guests. Easy integration with Facebook and Twitter.

Customize your guests' experience

Exhibit the right art at the right moment and provide each of your guests with a unique art experience that follows your mood, seasons, or any local event. Choose between our different frame designs, size and orientation of the screen to perfectly adapt to your interior design.

Bring the best of technology

Attract and retain millennials who expect customized services and high technology from luxury venues. Our professional monitors are always color-calibrated to guarantee stunning image quality.



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